Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Art of the Succulent & The Roots of My Aggrivation

I asked and was granted the opportunity to take a few of my art teachers succulents home to grow them myself, and I was hoping for an easy ticket to fast, lush, and moderately unattended plants. To my severe disappointment, after four days I have seen no progress but I have witnessed my cat devouring them. Just because they're a cousin of the aloe plant, does not give her the right to eat them!

I'm fairly sure that one of the stems I have is unable to be brought back to life considering it has at least five puncture wounds and a brown, shriveling leaf. I'm trying hard not to over-water the plants and maintain my sanity, but if I can't even grow succulents—which are the basics of easy plant growing—I don’t know if I could ever manage any other.

The best luck I've had was with my air plants that require nothing but...well...air. It's beyond depressing and I'm verging on hysterics. Maybe I'm just being to anxious, or the soil isn’t deep enough, or I'm giving them too much light in the bay window, or I'm watering too much...either way I could REALLY use some suggestions on how to help these pretty little plants stay alive!! Comment and let me know?

The cat and her mischief:
My good plant that I'm hoping will continue growing:
My Cactus...I'm not sure about this little guy:
The three that are getting on my nerves:

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