Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A New Frame & A Bunch of Nonsense

Today was hecktick, I had a test that I wasn't prepared for as well as I'd like to be, then I had to manage to finish it in time for a meeting where we had fun for two hours, and after school I headed to the eye doctor for a check up. After the checkup I searched for a new pair of frames and ended up getting the exact same kind...I just love change. ;)

During my favorite time of day I was told to write a poem about "Where I'm From" and despite my dislike for these types of poems, I found myself enjoying it in the end and am about to crack it out and finish it. Oh the Joy of a good have the ability to express through words. What a great opportunity God has given us!
VERY similar to mine, but mine are less square on top =)
In Fact, now that I think about it, These are the exact same frames all except for the part over the lenses...again, mine are more curvy to accent my eyebrows. I got ooober lucky with this google image!

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