Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Weather & Twitter-pated Twits!

Its been forever since I've blogged, blogging takes so much time! So what's been happening since forever ago? I took Government and Short Story in summer school, and started off my school year with only one class needed to be outa here: College Writing. And Even If I did want to graduate early--which I didn't--I couldn't because College Writing was second Semester so I decided to keep my schedule. I dropped band and choir for second Semester so I could focus on what I love and am going in to, that being art. I took Sculpture last year, but I enjoyed it so much I decided to take it again this year along with Design Technology. I was down in this old building way off campus for my last hour of the day last semester, but I go out 5 min earlier than everyone else because we had so far to walk to get down there. Now that I have Sculpture in it's place, I find myself rushing to beet the rush-hour after school traffic of angst-y mind-melted teenagers with nothing on their minds but what terribly inappropriate things they're "so gunna do" that weekend rather than focus on their mad driving. But of course, my day is never complete without some jerk-wad screaming at me from outside the car as they walk out from school--in the middle of the road mind you!--"Nice Car, haha..." ...

Well! Excuse me for not being a spoiled-brat, mommy-does-my-laundry, daddy-gots-me-a-new-car-ima-wreck-in-a-week-anyways anal rich kid! Ugh... and honestly, my fathers hand-me-down '93 for escort station wagon is not all that runs, okay? Idiots...
Anyway, enough of my anal ranting. I often pick up my sister from school because I'm closest I guess.

We went to Texas for Christmas it was really nice to be able to go back after about 3 years of missing out. I got a spectacular camera from my aunt and uncle, it definitely makes my favorite list, really nice one. I got my Senior pictures done a while ago and had them ordered, now I have to hand them out =/. Richard got his wisdom teeth taken out Monday, no swelling at all that little weasel. Knowing me I'll be a blow-fish on day three when it's my turn to have my mouth slit and my teeth ripped out. He's off to Lambert's with his friends before he goes back to college tomorrow and mom's moping about him being gone tonight, it was supposed to be pizza night but we did it yesterday to satisfy her. Now she's standing in the kitchen making salad all comfy and what-n0t while my sister is at the computer probably "like"ing every facebook group in the history of it's existence.

I took the EN100 today, its a timed writing (50 min) essay sort of thing we have to do in College Writing. You have to write an entire essay in the allotted time and have a title. Titles are stinkin hard... my title ended up being "Angst, Angst" because the topic was on our one concern of this time in our life and decided to write about my Career Path and my indecisiveness about what I want to be, where I want to go, what I want to do, and where I want to end up. Hence the "Angst, Angst" title. =)

Well I'm off to do whatever it is I end up doing tonight, I'll probably just watch T.V. since my friends are all lame. Apparently there has to be someone to make a plan and considering we all are the ones who don't really care what happens as long as something does, we all end up doing nothing because no one actually gets around to planning anything. It's a vicious cycle.

Ta ta for now,


Have a great and safe winter!

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